24SevenSales Cart Pro

Features That Drive Sales

You can provide DISTRIBUTORS with links to your products that  track DISTRIBUTOR sales and commissions. Our store integrates into any website. The cart comes with products so you can start selliing immediately and get commissions.

  • Distributor IDs to track commissions.
  • Includes Editor to add/remove products.
  • Fully Responsive displays perfectly on any device.
  • Customizable Cool-Looking Bootstrap 3 Menus.
  • Easily Setup Multiple Stores on Your Website.
  • Includes Full Support for products videos.
  • Includes PayPal, Google Wallet, and Stripe.
  • Pinterest Style Layout & Listview Layouts
  • Includes Pagination, Filtering & Full Search.

The Store

Users can flip between a Pinterest Style Grid and a List View. Shown here are what the responsive store view looks like on both a laptop and on a mobile device. Colors, layouts, and wording used in our store are all based on statistically significant studies of users. For example, studies show the phrase "proceed to cart" gets about 3% more clicks than "go to cart."

Bootstrap 3 and
Font Awesome Icons

We used Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome. Our Shopping Cart has navbars that are easy to customize the look-and-feel of with just a few mouse clicks.

Easy to Configure Setup File

Each store you setup has a simple setup file shown here so you can easily customize the features in each of your stores.